Summers Place Collection LTD

Care and installation

Most of the pieces offered in this exclusive range are carved from natural stone. The limestones and sandstones often have minor colour variations and in some instances small fossil inclusions. These are not defects or imperfections but are part of the individual nature of the stone as it is quarried and make each piece unique. All of the models in this range have been designed for both indoor and outside use.

The planters, urns and vases have all been drilled for drainage, since accumulated water, when frozen, over a period of time, can cause flaking and ultimately cracking of the stone. The stone used throughout this range will develop a wonderful old looking patina if left outside, particularly in more northern climes where there tends to be more rain.Situating pieces under trees will also accelerate this process, as will the application of a diluted plant food such as Tomorite, which will encourage the growth of mosses and lichens giving the appearance of great age in a matter of months. Most people consider the mosses and lichens that naturally grow on the stone add to their beauty, and will give the impression of great age after a matter of months. If you do not wish your piece to develop a patina then the stones can be sealed to maintain their pristine appearance. Although heavy and hard, all stones are brittle and will chip or break if mistreated; sudden jolts, sharp blows or unstable foundations should be avoided. Summers Place cannot be held responsible for any damages which may occur during assembly or installation.

The stainless steel pieces are made of high 304 and 316 grade and are extremely tough and weather resistant; a simple wipe down once a year keeps them in top condition.

Some of the items in this range are made from a number of components. All have been designed for easy installation; however, for increased safety and stability, we would recommend that a weak mix mortar should be used on the larger pieces. Additionally, for a few models a stone or concrete pad is necessary. We are happy to provide advice on siting and installation.