The Summers Place Collection

An exciting new opportunity to buy garden ornament.
Summers Place are proud to offer an exclusive new range of garden ornament which may be purchased throughout the year.

Traditional and contemporary hand carved pieces in stone and wood together with cutting edge designs in stainless steel have been designed for the Summers Place Collection, giving buyers the opportunity to buy at a fixed retail price throughout the year and in the quantity desired.

In recent years we have offered some newly manufactured pieces in our biannual auctions of garden statuary. These have proved extremely popular and in order to cater for the increasing demand from collectors and garden designers, we have commissioned the Summers Place Collection. This should prove ideal for clients designing a new garden or development as multiple runs of urns, planters or seats, for example, can be planned for and ordered all at the same time.

With over 40 years combined experience selling garden ornament, James Rylands and Rupert van der Werff, of Summers Place Auctions have carefully selected and advised on designs which are both timeless and classic.
An example of each piece may be viewed in our landscaped gardens and Victorian Arboretum at Summers Place in West Sussex, England.

Bearing in mind that each piece is hand carved, there maybe slight variations in stone colour and grain.
All prices are plus VAT.